“After 25 years I feel as if a weight has been lifted from me.”

“He (Jesus) broke my walls and grabbed my heart, and I know I can’t do it alone.”

“Thank you for rescuing me and touching my heart, I can’t wait to meet my baby now.”

“I have been reminded of how much Jesus loves me and my part is to trust and listen to Him.”

“He (Jesus) has smoothed out my edges and released me from the denial I held for so many years.”

“I carried shame for so many years and now feel different, like a load has been taken off of me. “

“I see myself as pretty now.”

“I felt safe sharing about my past with these ladies and left a new sense of freedom and hope.”

“God revealed to me things about my 3rd abortion that I had blocked from my memory for so many years and now I have received forgiveness and hope.”

“A bonding has taken place with these women that couldn’t have happened anywhere else.”

“Even though my experience was dark and wrong through CHRIST I have been redeemed and forgiven.”

“God has turned my darkness into light.”

“Thank you for each woman in my group for helping me along this journey, for being there to talk to, lean on, cry with and learn from.”

“I believe God has something in store for me during this journey and will use my past mistakes to help other women.”

“He has taken my mistakes and made them His message of love, forgiveness and hope.”