Post Abortion Recovery Groups

Is there an abortion in your past?
Women's Resource Clinic is providing a Post Abortion Recovery Class for women who have had an abortion in their past and helps women find healing and develop a healthy relationship with God. All services are completely free and confidential. Call Janet at 897-6101 for more information and details.

Post Abortion Recovery Class Begins: Contact Janet at 897-6101 for information on dates and time.

Location: Women's Resource Clinic at 115 West 2nd Ave.

Topics Covered:
What is Post Abortion Syndrome?
God's Character
Where do I go from here?

With HOPE you can:
1. Be released from the burden of shame
2. Work through the buried feelings and pain alongside other women who have made the same choice
3. Talk through your emotions in a safe, caring environment
4. Forgive and receive forgiveness
5. Have a fresh new start without lingering doubt

"...but those who HOPE in the LORD will renew their strength." Isaiah 40:31

Our HOPE (Healing of Post-Abortion Emotions) program currently offers three personal growth and healing opportunities:

"HOPE RENEWED" Week-end Retreat plus 5 weeks

"Her Choice to Heal" Finding Emotional and Spritual Peace after Abortion

"Forgiven and Set Free" Post Abortion Bible Study

Call the Clinic at (530)897-6101