Post Abortion Quiz

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you find yourself struggling to turn off the feelings connected to your abortion(s), perhaps telling yourself over and over to forget about it?

Are you affected by physical reminders of your abortion (i.e. babies, pregnant women, sounds of a vacuum) or are you uncomfortable around children?

Are you unable to talk about your abortion(s)?

Do you fear that you will never be able to have children or more children?

Do you feel sad or depressed on the anniversary date of the abortion or the anniversary of the due date of the baby?

Are you bothered by feelings of guilt or shame?

Do you grieve the loss of your baby?

Are you having trouble forgiving others who were involved in the decision to abort or in your abortion(s)?

If you answer "yes" to any of these, you may be experiencing negitive post-abortion emotions. Consider talking with one of our Client Advocates about your experience, or about our Post Abortion Recovery Groups and the services we can offer you at no charge.