Current Needs:

This is updated regularly, so please stop back and see how you can help!

Gift Cards (at Target, Costco, Wal-Mark, K-Mart or Toy’s R Us) for these items: crib, Pak-n-play, high chair, stroller, bouncy seat, walker, bassinet)

Bumbo seat                                                                Bath Towels                                                                          Nursing Cover Ups
Baby Lotions/Soap                                                 Thermometer                                                                         Swaddle Blankets
Grocery Cart Cover                                    First Aid Items ( A&D etc.)                                                                     Sippy Cups
Baby Gates                                                            Baby Einstein DVD                                                                          Crib Sheets
Back Pack or front Carriers                              Receiving Blankets                                                            Diapers (newborn to size 6)
New Baby Spoons                                              Pull Ups for Toddlers                                                                    New Baby Bottles
Baby Monitor                                                                Formula                                                             Fall & Winter Clothes (newborn to 3T)
New pacifiers                                                       Praise Baby DVD                                                                          New Teething Rings
Shoes (boys & girls) size 0-10

All donations are tax deductible.

Contact Denise Dright at  for more information