For Men Only: Fatherhood
Fatherhood can be a scary idea, but it is also the most rewarding, below are some great tipes on becoming a better dad.

Make a fool of yourself
You will be doing of lot of things for the first time so expect to make some mistakes, but don't make the mistake of sitting on the sidelines and not getting involved at the very start. So you put your first diaper on backwards, who cares! You got in and tried and if you can change the oil on your car, you can change a diaper, or give a bath.

Ask and listen to the professionals
While you're at the hospital, ask the healthcare provider every question you can think of. They've heard them all and probably have the answers. Ask how often to feed your child, how to give her a bath, how much sleep she'll need, how to take her temperature, how to burp her after she eats, and any other question that comes to mind. Healthcare providers can give you a lot of information and many have their own kids so they have wisdom that experience brings.

Take care of your woman
From the very start, your baby will know you are a loving man by the way you take care of your wife or girlfriend. The first months after having a baby can be difficult for new mother. A bunch of new emotional and physical changes can really make her feel ways she never has before. A steady, loving man that puts her and the baby first will go a long way to settling down the house and providing a safe place for your new baby to grow up.

Consistency is key
Your baby will look to you and her mother for security. This has nothing to do with having money, or a house, because babies know nothing of such things. This is about the consistency of the way you act toward your baby and others. Babies may not seem smart when they come into the world but they are masters at reading people, and they will read your voice tone, volume, and body language to gauge if they are loved and safe.

Fatherhood ain't about the money
Babies don't care about money. Grown-ups care about money and things but babies care about time; time with you. So make time to be with your baby. Talk to your baby, play games, read books, or just chill. You, a stuffed animal, and some silly voices, are just the kind of things your baby will love, and you will have a great time when you see her first smile or hear her first laugh.

Pray for your baby; pray for yourself
It may have been a long time since you last prayed, or maybe you have never done it. But now is a great time to start. God is waiting to listen to you and be a part of you and your baby's life. Look, let?s be honest, this is going to be both a blast and hard work, so take this opportunity to thank God for your beautiful baby and ask for strength and wisdom on how to raise her. In the bible it says that if any man lacks wisdom then let him ask of God. So go ahead and ask.