Earn While You Learn

Relationship, Responsibilities and Rewards

Earn while you learn is a free parenting program and open to any woman who is pregnant or with children up to toddler age.


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This is a special parenting program offering opportunities for learning and personal growth as a parent. A "parent to be" commits to participating in a personalized curriculum and includes watching a series of DVD's on child development, first aid, and other parenting and discipline issues; completing worksheets and having discussions with a trained mentor. "Boutique Credits" will be earned to provide parents with an opportunity to purchase needed items from our Boutique while learning valuable parenting tools and skills.

EWYL is free and open to any woman who is pregnant or with children up to toddler age.

Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Mornings and afternoon sessions are available to accommodate your needs.

Is "Earn While You Learn" for me?

Here are what some EWYL clients have to say about the program:

“Wonderful! Awesome! Has taught me to be more intuitive as a parent.”

“Not having a mom in Chico, I found a support family here at WRC. The information that I have received from the videos has given me what I need to be a better parent. All of the mentors at WRC have been a great encouragement to me, and I have learned from all of them.”

“Being from another country, my husband and I wanted to learn all we could about what to expect during my pregnancy. My mentor still has a relationship with us and we have facebooked all of our friends in Jordan telling them about EWYL and that this program is needed there for all mothers.”

“My boyfriend and I have learned about all the help we could receive from our community. Through EWYL I was able to learn how my baby is growing and changing throughout my pregnancy. Watching the videos has given us more confidence about parenting our new baby. Earning points to get items we need for our baby made me feel good about myself. I wasn’t just getting a handout. “ (Young couple 18 years old.)